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Jeremy Erber, Director - CSM Sport & Entertainment (Interview)

An excerpt from the interview of Jeremy Erber - He graduated with a B.S. in Sports Management from UMass - Amherst and an M.S. in Sports Business from NYU. Currently working at CSM where he has represented a range of property clients including Formula E, WTA, Cirque du Soleil, Hard Rock Stadium/Miami Dolphins, USTA, US Club Soccer, the Professional Fighters League, and others.

Q) How did you get into sport? What was your thought process back then? Just a little bit about how you got into the business and then grew from there.

A) Sports has always been a major passion point for me, and I played it growing up. I think that the passion for the business really arose at an early age. When I went to undergrad, I went specifically to a program. This is Massachusetts, UMass, Amherst that had a sports business program that allowed me to academically learn the business. I was at a game with my parents, and my mom had remarked that the general manager of the team went to UMass, so I immediately said that I wanted to reach out to him. So, I made the connection. I reached out, he got back to me, I was able to intern for the Brooklyn Cyclones.

For me, it has always been academics, schools helped me, my job with the Nets came out of a project that I did when I was at the New York University. The job with CSM was from my relationship with a former classmate at UMass.

"It's a lot of just connecting dots, it's networking. It's not being afraid to ask people for help. I really enjoy getting back as much as I can and talking to young students. Nurturing relationships is important. It's putting yourself out there thinking differently, thinking outside the box."

To listen to the full episode, please click here

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