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Ted Shaker, Founder & CEO - (Interview)

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

An excerpt from the interview of Ted Shaker - a 13-time Emmy and two-time Peabody Award winning producer who has created networks, programs and developed talent for broadcast, cable and digital outlets for more than three decades.

Q) What are your thoughts on the evolution of sports business education as a whole? How do you see its importance for people who are starting out in the industry and also people who have worked for a particular period?

A) I think it (sports business education) is a gift if you're interested in trying to get into the sports business, depending on what program you go to and the people that you're exposed to, there's the opportunity to get a leg up on others who are trying to get into the business if you study it beforehand and study it seriously, and take advantage of the expertise of the professor, and the people that may come and speak to a class.

"I always try to make my classes ones where I try to expose my students to some of the true leaders of the business and have an opportunity to listen to them, but more importantly, ask questions of them."

I think that that gives an individual so much more information so they can make good decisions as they head out to try to make a living in the sports business, which can be very exciting and the opportunities are there and the competition is fierce for those jobs.

If you really want to get into the sports business, it is a really smart way to do it. I think some of these programs are so extraordinary. It gives you the best chance to succeed and I think that's great.


To watch the complete interview, please click here

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